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when I engage my turn indicator, front bulb blinks ok, but both back bulbs blink, same on left & right. the instrument panel lites flash 3 times then stay on.
Replaced alternator & battery but still only getting 11.5volts....checked all fuses...not broken or damaged...checked battery terminals & wires...no breaks....at a loss any other ideas?
No previous warning signals before this problem manifested itself. With the gas pedal floored, the engines surges but does not die.
Can I put like 2010 or 2012 engine in a 2008 Ford ranger. Like will everything line up. I would like to get a newer engine with low mileage if I can to replace the old one.
Truck ran normally. When trying to restart turned key to run,lites came on, went to start, went totally dead. no warning lites, no door chime, no headlites/brake lites, however dome lite came on when door was opened. ...
changed out spark plugs, wires, coil pack, fuel injector and now the camshaft position sensor. next will be the cam shaft synchronizer. but before i do so this misfiring problem is driving me nuts. it comes on an off....
brakes and wheel bearings have been replaced
new brakes and wheel bearings
The heat temperature cannot be lowered as well
I have to replace the wing mirror but the window handle is stopping the panel coming off!
The cig. lighter, radio andnAC. fan works, the charger on the right of the dash won't charge.
I can hear the clicking under the dash but it is not engaging the transfer case. Please help ... I want to try to fix this without breaking the bank if possible.
relay 5c3t-14b192-AA p6std