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'03 Ford Ranger, all maintenance has been kept up to date. Check engine light came on ~ 1 month ago. Local mechanic changed the oxygen sensor upstream. Was fine for 1 day, then light came back on. Took to AAMCO and th...
howdo i trouble shoot or repair a transmission code p0734 for a ford
Charges $523.00 and still have same problem, vehicle breaks apart when trying to accelerate after changing gears.
Fan Switch for a/c;heat stopped working on all settings except high. Replaced the resistor, wiring harness and switch itself and still did not correct the problem. Any other ideas? Seems like a common issue but thi...
No other signs except see tiny black specks in coolant reserve tank. Oil looks okay, no white smoke, no rough idling. No bubbles or frothiness in coolant tank. NO OVERHEATING...So Far, so good! Can this be a blown g...
when tried to bi[pass switch it seemed everything besides the 4x4 lit up
like I start off in second and no o/d its an 03 ford ranger 3.o 2 wheel drive. I have tested the solenoids they test good but the number 4 stays close then opens when powered been at this for a couple weeks any help ...
no noise going to right or straight ahead
When I put it in neutral or park it doesn't seem to draw down. Does someone know what is happening? Thanks for any help.
I have abs brake lite on,and another brake lite on, and air bag lite on, battery is good do I need To clear some codes for it to start?
It runs great but twice in 2 months when shut off it cranks normally but doesn't fire. Then after sitting a while it fires right up like nothing was wrong. Scanner gives no fault codes 2.3 liter 4 cylinder
at first it fired feebly then would not fire. It would crank fast but no ignition. After about an hour it started right up and ran fine
The place we get the oil changed said just the passenger side front inner tie rod needs replaced. The place we normally go to for repairs said if you're doing one you might as well replace both to be safe/save money d...
Changed plugs and wires, no go. At stop signs or lights the rpm's go below 1000 then the engine stops. No problem running on open road as long as rpm's are above 1000.