Cant move vehicle. ..have to turn vehicle off to swtch gears

My 03 Ranger with a 2.3 liter keeps leaking oil. The oil seems to build up at the exhaust manifold. Had a new value cover gasket installed but it keeps leaking

When I give it gas it Boggs down an runs bad. But when pick up speed it starts running little better. Overdrive light keeps flashing. Real hard to start

When gas is aplied boggs down an bucks but as i pick up speed it stops bucking an runs a little better..if i aplie gas slowly it want buck. An transmission want shift.i have to take off in low gear

But it will still only work on High. What is the solution?

Running great next time crank is skipping n sounds like valve clicking
Bank 2. And lean

i had the head gaskets replaced and about 200 miles later i lost oil pressure and stopped when i tried to restart the engine had froze up
i had oil but had lost water

i had the head gaskets replaced and about 200 miles later it lost oil pressure, i stopped and when i tried to restart the motor had froze up
there was no water in the oil but it had lost water

Just replaced my fuel pump and injector nozzles on Ford Ranger 2003 2.5TDI. My vehicle now revs to 2000rpm on startup. If I turn the engine off and start again, then it revs normally. This has happened twice in about 10 cold starts. What can it be ?

The problem seemed to start all of a sudden. I have to keep the nozzle mostly out of the neck and hold it so it is centered in the hole. I can only pump the gas in at a trickle. I have had this problem every gas station I go to.

shimmy in the front end especially noticeable over 60 mph

When restarting it sounds as if it is flooding out. Let it set for about 15 min. and it will start. This happened about 2 yr. ago and again twice in two days. This happened in spring of the yr. This auto has 65,000 miles.