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661 blocked passage 662 filed EGR valve663 EGR solenoid faulty 664 failed EGR pressure sensor 665 failed EGR position sensor
the truck will not down shift when stopping.if i turn the truck off and then start again it works normally for awhile and then starts flashing again.if i turn the overdrive off when driving in the city it works ok.als...
engine is shot.looking for a good reman co. And at a good price.
Monday I drove the truck. Tuesday morning it wouldn't start. Plenty of gas and it turns over very well. Never had this problem. Is there some common cure?
2.5l 4cly ranger just started 3 days ago, no power steering and either real hard brake pedal or no brakes at all. 5 days ago started acting like idle was to low, runs rough idle and rough acceleration. Got any ideas? ...
My truck wont start and the anti theft light flashes rapidly when im cranking it.a locksmith came out and made new keys and reprogramed them but the same thing happened ,the theft light flashes rapidly.
ne, but fades away after running a few minutes,there is a random clicking noise after tapping fades?Truck starts and runs fine,oil pressure comes right up and dose'nt fluctuate.The noise is worst at first start of day...
I need to replace it due to miss firing problems that code readers can't detect,and programers can't fix!Is it located under the hood ,or in the front interior area?
when driving also it wont go past 4000 rpms and hard to hit 65 mph