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I have had for 2 years and its always done it, I never thought to have checked, but I'm selling and want to be helpful to new buyer, also A/C never worked but never had checked either.
my 99 ranger 2.5 engine gives a 304 miss fire code when its raining or damp outside. I replaced both coil packs wires and plugs,this did not fix the problem.
occasionally will not shift out of first
Radiator was replaced prior to symptom. Cab heater air temp initially was 125 but dropped to 80 when temp cycles. Is this a sign on air in system?
High and low light blinks intermediately and rear end is stuck in low gear and front tires not pulling. When I switched the electric switch nothing happens in any position
something is drawing down the battery any suggestions
I have to set the nozzle on the lowest setting and restart fueling numerous times
The past two days going to and from work , all is well but within 1 minute , my voltage meter drops to 'L' within 1 minute and i lose all accessories and begin to stall out . Twice upon stalling , voltage returned to ...
The temp gets to normal (never overheats)and then will start floating up and down from normal to just above cold but doesn't just drop off and does not bottom out. Doesn't act as though the wire to temp bulb is loose ...