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My 1997 Ford Escort had "service engine soon" light on. My mechanic could find no problem and cleared the sensor. I am trying to get it smoged, but the air intake sensor has not reset yet.
I have got 97ford ranger i can get it to go to four hight but i can't get it to go in to four low
Truck runs great but I have problems with it cranking multiple times before it will fire. When it finally fires, I have to give it gas to keep it from stalling and dying for a few minutes and then it will idle normal....
had to replace the entire clutch system and it is totally dry
It sounds like a shaft turning in a dry bushing or rubbing against something and doesn't do it all the time? Just drove the truck on a trip for 4000 miles. Sometimes it would get loud and other times would go severa...
all of the gears seem to work fine just no reverse and the o/d light is blinking what can i check exterally such as sensors and things and does anyone have any diagrams or pictures
With it sitting idle oil gauge jumps up and down
need to troubleshoot starting issues...following over heating
changed fuel filter,thermostat,surpintine belt,plugs,wires,flushed radiator,water pump...this after over heating
ran out of gas but check engine light came on first. the shop gave codes and reset light still on drove one day 50 75 miles.
its never happened before...just after being gone 30 min i noticed it wouldnt heat up
auto trans, rear 2wd, 151k miles. OD light comes on as I approach speeds over 50mph. It feels as though the transmission is having difficulty shifting gears from 3rd to 4th? It has been suggested that my transmission ...
I smell some burning under the hood when i tried to make it home.I could not get any power to go up hill either.Is my clutch gone or what.It still wont go into gear.Please help me if you know whats wrong.