When I'm driving my ranger I would be driving n I get on it out of the hole n 1st 2nd n 3th is great once I shift its hesitate n it's slow at the beginning n then it speeds up but then I shift to 5 n then does the same thing what do I do

Slipping from high gear to low slow to shift and at times it'll hard shift

Started out brake lights would not shut off about a hour or so they went off when truck was off but now no brake lights at all replaced switch checked fuses ,bulbs there's no power going to brake lights what do I to.

Just put in brand-new headlight assembly in my 95 Ranger does anyone know how to align them quick and easy

A few minutes after I drive to break tries to lock up and starts to drag it will do it for a while and then disengage by itself but will always do it again ehen i drive

I pull the fuse out when driving but the fuse also operates the windshield wipers and speedmeter

replaced the thermostat and blower is working fine

Dome light only works when I open the pass.door.doesn't come on when I open the driver door.cannot find any jam switch .what tells the light to come on when I open door.

I replaced the break switch with a brand new one and still nothing. I also checked the fuses. Im not very car savey and was told to check the wiring next. I bought a tester that turns a light bulb on if the wire is hot, not sure where to go from here now. Please Help!