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Truck passes the first part of emission testing but fails to hold pressure and the equipment fails - I replaced the fuel filler hose.
We can't find the crank shaft sensor
How do you test the primary circuit on the coil packs? 1994 2.3L
Where is pcv valve on my 94 ranger 2.3L 4 cylinder Thank You
The new slave cylinder has a quick disconnect and the old one doesn't appear to be quick disconnect, how do you disconnect old and hook up new one? drive out the roll pin and replace whole assembly? that is how I got ...
how much does it cost to install a canister, including parts and labor. i will appreciate your answer.
what size socket do i need to remove leafspring brackett
the transmission leaks fluid but not out of seal looks like a freeze plug is this possible and what is the part called?
Truck will randomly lose power, it's as though the engine isn't getting fuel, then suddenly it goes away. Then when I pull over my undercarriage is piping hot. Just had new catalytic converter put in and problem persi...
While I was driving to work this morning my clutch went to the floor and I could not shift gears. My boss came and picked me up and after work I called the shop to see what they recommended, they said to check the clu...
engine backfired once while driving up blacktop hill and engine wont start .
AC switch blows only on high setting, I beleive this is the HVAC switch. Where is it located, and how do I get to it?
my truck always smells of gasoline. if i top off the tank gas spills. i think it is a bad fuel tank filler hose. can someone confirm this and is it hard to replace/
after 2 hrs of highway driving my drivers side power window would'nt go up. A week later the passenger side stopped in the down position also. I get no noise or anything. I took the drivers side door panel off, cleane...
have torn down wondering how to get it off bottom do we have to remove big bolt from crank shaft to remove it?