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So I've tried a few different repairs that I need, well repair pal is saying that the parts are $100 or so, when they are like $10, and not much time...
what would make my headlights start flashing after about 15 minutes
Occasionally with the engine warm, it will start and immediately die. If moved backward in neutral, about one truck length, or if left sitting 2-3 hours, it will start rite up and run great. Happens with no warning. H...
misses after starting smoothes out after a few min. warming up . then under even a light load cutts out the more throtle the more it cuts out it's went from 20 miles per. gallon down to 12
need to set timing pully
where is the temperature gauge sending unit located
my brakes lock up even though i have abs and have replaced the modulator
I have no codes truck will shut off randomly and no spark when I try to restart. Wait a few minutes and spark is back. New plugs wires and coil pack.
engine running/driveing door ajar chime/buzzer wil not shut off? can i just pull the fuse for this?
ive put over 1500 in new parts the coil is still good and all the plugs and wires are new.do i have a crankshaft sensor and if i do where at it has a disturbuter instead of coil packsand the camshaft postion sensor is...
I had a computer diagnostic check at auto zone and it said my problem is crank shaft sensor. I have been having problems for 6weeks now,local shop replaced ignition control module, timing belt and main drive belt, cle...
driving and enginlight came on and went off and gauge quit also engine lite stayed off.
Doesn't start in cold days.No fire to coils.Starts when weather is warm and will start for rest of the day till next morning.Only 1 coil is firing though when starting.E-mail is fcat@unm.edu
engine pings at 60-70mph only when warm tried higher gas no change climbing hills fine foot to floor fine only on high way after engine warms up at 60-70mph holding speed
only getting fire to one side of the coil pack why?