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The Brake Light Switch has to be removed so I can install the new one! I have unplugged the wires. But, a short shaft goes through the two holes, and something has to be removed. It is holding the old part on, Ut nat be a key, or pin, or ring, or something to release the part so it will come off, so I can install new part! Hope you can answer my question?

The truk was running fine, started down the road and the speedometer dropped to zero. It changes in and out of all gears fine but the last gear. Speedometer will jump up and down when you get on the gas a little which will make the last gear shift fine, then it will drop and shift out of the last gear and into a lower gear again. Took it to shop and they replaced the speedometer cable, sai it was ate up. It worked for 2 days, then is doing it again. What else coyld be the problem? Its an automatic transmission.

Once outside temp reaches about 45 degrees truck will fire up

5 speed manual transmission. Using clutch pedal or not and with engine running or not the gear shift will go into every gear but the the transmission will not engage. I was driving the truck when the problem occurred and there was a burnt smell when I got out of the truck. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

When I start to drive my truck and shift gears it starts to sputter and almost loose power, after a couple miles it still let's me shift but it will not engage leaving me on the side of the road, after a few hours I can come back and start it and take of but after so long it does it again, do I need to bleed the master cylinder or get a new clutch. Just seems to happen after driving for a couple miles

when I start truck in morning takes right off then when I shut it off and go in store come back out it wont go into gear drive

Had code 224, replaced DIS ignition module and fixed the code and got my power back, drove it around yesterday and it was driving fine, went to start it this morning and it cranks over, but no start with a clunk and a faint popping sound?

I have replaced the coil packs, the plug wires and plugs so far, still has code 224, and very bad gas mileage with a slight gas smell by engine.

It started working intermittent and finally went out. I pulled all of the elc connections and cleaned and replaced. Worked for a while then out completely.