not leaking from hoses, leaking at the joint where the pitman shaft meets with the tie rod.

Power comes back on after I detach/reattach the negative battery cable. I have replaced the starter relay and starter and run a new wire to the starter solenoid. It is a manual transmission so I can push start it and it will run. I hear possible problems of the Clutch Pedal Sensor and Positive Battery cable (somewhat corroded). Perhaps its an ignition problem because of the power being knocked out?

Had it towed to ford and I am looking at a cost of 750

when I drive to the store which is about 5.5 miles my truck wont crank and the temp was normal

did it trash the motor

The Brake Light Switch has to be removed so I can install the new one! I have unplugged the wires. But, a short shaft goes through the two holes, and something has to be removed. It is holding the old part on, Ut nat be a key, or pin, or ring, or something to release the part so it will come off, so I can install new part! Hope you can answer my question?