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Its a 1993 Ford Ranger and I just don't want to mess anything up, I am replacing calipers and brake pads and need to know the best way to drain and replace brake fluid and afterwards bleed the system. I was told to go from the front driver side around the truck till you get to the back driver side to bleed the system so if that's correct I just need to know how to drain and replace the brake fluid thanks

I even took off the brake fluid cap under the hood and used a clamp to push the caliper back in. still could not get it and every other vehicle i have ever had thats exactly what you do

I have a skipping in my truck. I have changed spark plugs and the gas filter. It has been sitting up for over 1 year before I bought it. What else could it be ?

replaced slave cyl for clutch, bench bled master. on reinstall of shifter, asst. somehow managed to get the internal trans mechanism off / uncentered at linkage point where shifter pegs into. pulled shifter off, flipped internal parts back to normal, ran fine. now trans is acting like its dragging or otherwise not right. no idea how it could have been damaged or misaligned inside.

i have removed 3 bolts but the cowl looks like made in one piece

I did a compression test and got two low readings one on each side and directly opposite of each other. what is the cause?

sometimes it runs good and somrtimes it will skip an then start backfiring thu exhaust has codes 111,222,223,224 installed both coils, all 8 plugs an wires, crankshaft position sensor, catalytic converter please help if you can

the bracket in front of the rear tire that connects the leaf springs to frame has rusted and disconnected from the frame. how much will a shop charge me to replace this bracket?

I replaced my clutch obout 30 days ago and it slips (when it gets hot) as if it were an old clutch. It only slips after I've been driving it for a while on the highway mainly. Could it be a fsulty clutch?

I have checeked for vac. leakes, changed wires, distrubtor cap & rotor, cleaned and tested plugs- they only have 9,000 mi. changed fuel filter,checked fuel injectors- all clicking throught rmp ranges and changed distrutor igntion mod.[mounted on lft. front frame by battery] Please help!

replaced with a remanufacturer emc computer it only work for 2 weeks.

I Have a 93 Ford Ranger and its arcing off The Spark Plugs Just below the Porcelain around the Cylinder Hole I changed And Put all new spark plugs and Spark Plug wires and it continues to Miss , ride Rough & Drink a Whole lotta Gas What could be the Problem ?

How much does a driver side turn signal Module cost? its just the orange piece not the whole light and everything.

my ford will turn over but not kick in it seems to not be getting gas

I but a tree going about 10mph in the snow. ever since then my truck will run for about 5 mins and shut off. then it wont start for about 5 mins. seems like its not getting gas.