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I put in a new thermostat, but the heater still only blows cold air.
need to remove metal backing piece from rear view mirror
low or no heat,coolant level is fine,can the heater core be flushed&is it a problem to replace&
My turn signals and interior lights won't work at all. i have checked all the fuses and nothing seems to be wrong there (no burt out fuses). and my interior light also will not work. I bought brand new light bulbs for...
I need to know the cost of trading engines out of a ford ranger.
4x4 transfer case has been replace 2x.new hubs -n-sencor have been replace. now thumping-n- grinding is back again we hear the noise b-4-the transmission.why does it keep breaking down? transfer case were used-n-warr ...
i just replaced the fuel pump. drove it for about a week and now it won't start. it seems like it isn't getting fuel. did i install it wrong? was the pump bad? is it something totally different?
How much should it cost to repair a timing belt for this car?
My rear brakes freeze up randomly the truck sat for about a month then thisd started
About a month ago I check my oil and It looked like chocolate milk. Does it mean that I have a blown head gasket? and how much does it cost?
the parts cost for my 93 ranger was for 4 plugs. my four cylinder has eight plugs. is this a special engine or do all 4 cylinder rangers have 8 plugs?
My 1993 Ford Ranger pulls to the right, and i replaced the caliper along with new pads. I dont know what else it could be. do you?
I have a 1993 ford ranger, 2WD, shortbed, stick shift. the engine is a 4 cylinder. I have a problem with it. it wont start but it cranks. the battery is fully charged when starting it also.so we checked for spark. no ...
starter needs to be tapped before it engages. It just makes a clicking sound and after tapped it works okay
how do i replace a clutch master cylinder