My wires came out of my positive battery cable end and I was trying to find out which goes in first the big wire or the little one

I can start the truck and drive it for a while but there is a ticking sound that gets louder with acceleration from 1000-3000 rpm

Someone put a battery charger on my battery and put the positive on the negative post and burnt something up. My truck won't do anything. I have changed the starter, the starter relay switch, and battery and still nothing. Is there anything that can be done for it or is it completely fried?

Battery checked said it was good didn't have a problem with it until taken 2Sears for a oil change Wal-Mart checked also then it weren't start at all there so guy moved battery around shook wires then it started fine for 2months now back 2 same thing but it weren't start at all just clicks so charge the battery then starts

Please help!!

it runs good when it is cold but when it warms up i have a hard time putting it in gear... does it need gear oil?

The crankshaft position sensor checked fuses this model does not have a cam sensor what else could it be

cleaned MAP sensor. what else?

Old weather stripping is loose, letting water in. Looks relatively easy to replace, but have never done it.

when driving my 1993 ford ranger particularly over 30 mph theres a whining or humming sound coming from the rear

while driving it will unexpectedly come on?

Has new plugs, wires, coils, ICM, ECM, harmonic balancer pulley, new T-belt and crank sensor. Repaired/replaced vacuum lines. Smells a little rich at idle, at times, MPG is solid @ 24 mpg, mostly hiway 12 mile range to work.
need help pretty bad.

had truck 3-4 years no problems, I changed out first starter myself, done this on other vehicles, I've owed. Lasted 2-3 months started all over then it wouldn't start at all. found hillbilly fly wheel changed it out and starter worked good 6 months then started all over again. took to garage and they replaced starter/flywheel now 6 months later same thing again!! parked it! can you help?