My truck won't hold a charge when I took it to AutoZone and have them hook up the machine to check my alternator it's right there machine out and the guy said it must be a wiring problem he didn't know what to do I also had a battery cable melt off the battery why would it do that but it will not hold a charge is my alternator bad or is a solenoid or is it just bad wiring

I took it to AutoZone they tested my battery and said it was fine I took it back to have them test my alternator they're making up to it answer machine free so the guy said there's gotta be some faulty wiring somewhere so now it won't hold a charge and I'm constantly jump-starting or push starting it now my starter is starting to move around make a loud noise what can I do to figure out this problem do I need a new alternator do I have to take it to a shop and have them figure out what's wrong with my wiring

I flushed it out 4 times. changed radiator and thermostat 2 times.overheats within 5 to 10 minutes. it ends up filling overflow and boiling to a hot enough temp to were it is boiling.

Give it gas it almost dies out I've changed the maf and the fuel pump, it'll run for five minutes or so fine but then at about 2000 rmp it bogs down almost dies

it has set out of gas for some time. could it have air in the lines/ stuck injectors? some sensor? i checked inertia valve.

Added STP and replaced the filter. Any suggestions?

Stuck between 4th and 5th gear.

Starter motor will engage but won't crank engine. I check the ground no difference, new solenoid and starter motor no difference, totally replaced wire running from solenoid to started no difference. Only thing that will crank is if I get power directly from battery without the solenoid. Getting power to seloniod and power past my clutch interlock switch but only sends 10-11 volts to starter.

I recently rebuilt my son's engine. He drove the truck for about 3 or 4 weeks until it suddenly stopped running while he was driving it. I tested the ignition control module. There is a signal from the pickup coil in the distributor, but no output signal from the ICM. I replaced the ICM, but the truck still won't start. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Problem is quite severe over the last 10 months. Have no idea where water seeps into the cab. Truck exterior in excellent shape, having been rebuilt and repainted 2 years ago.

1990 ford ranger. Will not go into gear and when it does it kicks back out. Linkage doesn't look quite right. Anyone know where I could get a pic of what it should look like and should I replace it