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They checked all but the injectors they say a lot fuel going out the exhaust pipe
Intermittent but not Random. No misfire under load or while driving. It idles and run rough while stopped after 15 minutes of driving in temperatures above 50 degrees. Runs smoother in temperatures under 50 degrees an...
If I have built in RPM Limiter on my 2.0 Ford Probe can I disable it.
Both the radio and climate control work fine, however the radio's display does not work and the back lighting for the climate control panel doesn't work either. The radio display went out first, and now the climate co...
Wont start in the morn. After 5 to 35 minutes will start. Often drags down battery.
it gets hot just seating their not doing anythink
can not locate the ignition module
My probe is acting like the transmission went out but it still moves in drive and thats it. the car wont go backwards in neutral or in reverse.
went to start car and a red light started blinking and the headlights were flashing and the car would not start, we disconnected battery to stop lights from flashing,,what is going on?
I need to replace my fuel filter and I can't find it!! Any help??
keeps breaking water pump and alt. belt
How to fix, dont know if it is gauge, wiring or what?