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it use to start fine, but then i had to pump the clutch a few times before it would start,so i replaced the clutch master cylinder and bleed it like crazy but now even pumping the clutch don't work, what could it be, ...
Drove the car and all of the sudden it came to a stop.The fuel cutoff light came on replaced it and will not start.
with a noid light check. cyls 1,2,3 all flash with eng cranking = normal oper. at cyl 4 the problem cly , the noid lights stays on and does not flash . checked the connector and wires to fuel injector at cyl 4 = o...
already replaced fuel injector and fuel pressure regulator , timing belt new, plugs ,wires and cap new .compression good approx 170-180 at all 4 cyls
ok it has lose of power and ever now an then it back fires in the intake
I want to change the passenger taillight myself but can't figure out how to get to it. I couldn't see a way from inside the trunk (even after taking the back panel off)or from the outside of the car. Can anyone help?
i have a ford probe thats runs but fifth gear sometimes wont engage its a five speed trans is it sfe to drive it withut fifth gear
what is the belt # or name that goes around the alternator
How do I remove the Transmission
At the smog test, I was told the EGR valve failed the visual because there was no vacuum (all the test #'s were good). I took it to my local small-town mechanic shop and they changed the EGR valve (for $500) and when ...
i cannot find the one nut that is supposed to be inside the car to finish removing the clutch cylinder ? is it under anything else that i cannot see ?
Does anyone Know of any easy tricks to getting the starter out of this car
on this car we troubleshooted a short to this fuse