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On my 1993 mustang I change the rack and pinion boots because they were leaking so I changed them now I'm still loosing power steering fluid but not much and I see no leaks. Is it Because the boots are still filling a...
it blew a head gasket so we replaced that and it starts, runs for about 30 secs or so and just shuts down like you turned it off, it starts right up again and does it again
I installed two new fuel pumps into a 1993 Mustang 5.0 lx. Replaced the new one because I thought it was bad. The car runs when I install the new fuel pumps just fine on idle. Drove it around the block about a mile an...
Bought two fuel pumps and replaced them thinking the first new one was bad. Both ran for about ten minutes on idle. As soon as I gave it gas it died. Won't even prime. Replaced the relay switch and nothing. If I took ...
This is a 1993 LX 2.3 4 cylinder
Was driving Mustang when it left me sitting. We were pulling out of parking space it died so we hauled it home on Rollback. After numerous new parts still no power to fuel pump.
car will not crank/ turn on battery is good lights turn on doors make noise when opening and also timer belt squeals/ squeks when making noise any ideas ? looking for a place to take it
When I travel about 7 or 8 miles my car gets hot and starts to buck when I cruz and when I accelarate. What can be the problem?
starter is engaging while driving my 1993 ford mustang lx. have changed the celenoid what else could it be
am replacing water pump on sons car and need advise on how to
I have a 93 mustang LX 4 cylinder an the transmission leaks only after a certain time of driving. As if it heats up an opens the seals after about 30mins to an hr of driving. I replaced all 3 seals blew out the lines ...