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Both handles were plastic and they eventually fell off completely. I have two handles already, that I bought a while back
I could use some quick helpful info on a average or good price for the replacement of the steering coupler on this vehicle. I was told by the mechanic that the part was almost obsolete and may have to be modified from...
I have an '87 Mustang LX 2.3 4cyl and need an estimate for timing belt replacement. Your list stops at 1990. I would also like a separate estimate for steering coupler repair or replacement for the same vehicle if pos...
is there a place to add oiler is it electric
needed vaccum diagrams for engine compartment 5.0 liter
my shop wants 200 bucks is that too much?
What would cause the following to fail: A/C blower motor, turn signals & electro-hydraulic motor for convertable top?
just replaced torque converter,now my car wont get into any gear.
car runs great and milage is good and it has power the idle fluctates
What would cause the AC/heater blower, convertible top motor and the turn signals to quit working at the same time? No fuses under dash appear to be blown. Are there other fuses, fusible links? Where are they?
when you turn the steering wheel to the right,the back inside of the rim hits lower control arm
worth parts. The price I was given was $2,550.00? Does that sound right. The car was rarely driven by my mom and now has only 79K miles on it and is in good shape. Is it worth doing the work?
On steep inclines the engine revs up, and I can only reach about 25 mph. On freeways I can only to get to 45 mph. Since these experiences I have not driven the car much and only on flat roads. Does it look like a tr...
I want to know if the gearing in the rear end are the same ?