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I cant remember all the codes... there were three, but one was a drive shaft sensor(?)The estimated price... the last one...is around One Thousand. The car runs for a while and then just stalls. I let it sit and then ...
(I did not wreck it, my step mother did.) Link to picture:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3487155903426&set=a.1031239347047.2005918.1407278090&type=1&theater
My "Check Charging System" light went on. On the way home all of a sudden the eadhlights started flashing, cd player started ejecting all of the cd's and keep trying after they were gone, the display was flashing no ...
just installed underdrive pulleys on my mustang gt and the oil pump stopped working, is the new pulley the cause of the failure?
tapping noise in from engine
How much would it be to replace the ball joints on the fron left side? since the ball joints are non serviceable would the control arm also be replaced?