Only when it rains I tried hosing it from inside the hood under the car. Anyone else having this problem

Cleaned Mass Air Flow
Trying to find how & clean Idle Air Control
New Alternator
100,000 miles

Check engine light fuel pressure system

I have my 06 mustang at a local dealership they told me it needed a tune up and that all the spark plugs had snapped and are trying to charge me 1300 to replace I find this to be a very high price or am I over exaderating?

Brought my '06 GT Vert to dealership for 30k service. Was told there is a slight leak from the tranny. They showed me with the car on the lift and there was some tranny fluid at the bottom of the bellhousing (I also checked a few times after I brought the car home and same thing, though drips not making into onto the ground under car, so it is a small leak). Dealership says its the Front pump seal, and it needs to be replaced. I'm wondering if, since its a small leak now, do I have it repaired? I'm afraid if they take the tranny down they may open up a can of worms! Any advise appreciated!!!

I have the tranny, just need to swap them out.

The Ford dealership said it was a known problem with an item on the exhaust, but they supposedly removed the problematic part. Car still makes the sound while coasting around 1600-1900 rpm. Its the 4.6L v8

Recently replaced battery.

Was told I need a new alternator.

timing chain replacement cost?

cd changer jammed wont play or eject cd's

door dented