Cleaned Mass Air Flow
Trying to find how & clean Idle Air Control
New Alternator
100,000 miles

Check engine light fuel pressure system

I have my 06 mustang at a local dealership they told me it needed a tune up and that all the spark plugs had snapped and are trying to charge me 1300 to replace I find this to be a very high price or am I over exaderating?

Brought my '06 GT Vert to dealership for 30k service. Was told there is a slight leak from the tranny. They showed me with the car on the lift and there was some tranny fluid at the bottom of the bellhousing (I also checked a few times after I brought the car home and same thing, though drips not making into onto the ground under car, so it is a small leak). Dealership says its the Front pump seal, and it needs to be replaced. I'm wondering if, since its a small leak now, do I have it repaired? I'm afraid if they take the tranny down they may open up a can of worms! Any advise appreciated!!!

I have the tranny, just need to swap them out.

The Ford dealership said it was a known problem with an item on the exhaust, but they supposedly removed the problematic part. Car still makes the sound while coasting around 1600-1900 rpm. Its the 4.6L v8

Recently replaced battery.

Was told I need a new alternator.

timing chain replacement cost?

cd changer jammed wont play or eject cd's

door dented

My wife listens to books on tape while going to and from work. Shortly after we purchased our 2006 GT the CD's started skipping. Cuts off end of sentenses, skips dialogue, etc. I have had it back to dealer twice. First time replaced CD player with a rebuilt unit, next with a "new" unit. Still have the problem. CD's play fine in our other vehicles and even brand new, right out of the box CD's skip. Do not want to go back to Ford w/o some idea what might be the problem. Ford has been most helpful, just have not fixed the problem.
Any suggestions???