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Side view mirror needs replacing, replace belt, and new tire
I just replaced the ICV, checked my hoses and tighten the hose clamps. It is loudest at my air filter but only makes the humming sound when I accelerate then stops at idle. Any help?
can see drops of coolant on top left front of motor not a lot toped off drove 300 miles low again 4.6 ford mustang 96 gt
96 Mustang Gt / 4.6 /Auto Trans. Any Help.. Thank You
check engine light comes on and off ideling fast and sounds like it wanted to explode
the mustang will start and only run for like 3 sec and cut off if u turn the switch off and on it will stay runing do u thing u know whats wrong with it
Cold air intake, msd coils, jegs H-pipe, SLP cat backs. Drove the car from North Carolina to Oklahoma. Got in to my home town after about a 20 hour drive and the car would not idle down from 3000 rpm's. I turned the ...
The cigarette lighter socket is broken and i need to get it out
I have tried to replace the ignition lock cylinder, but the car has an anti-theft system in it. So the key is coded i guess. so the new lock cylnder wont work until i know i dont have to disconnect the battery anymore...
if i installed 10w40 in my 4.6L,instead of 5w30 as recommended will it make my right bank have a clicking noise?
right bank is noisey,sounds like tapping.left bank is quiet.removed right bank valve cover.started car & no oil coming out of lifters.oil pressure is good at 4 psi,when warm.no problem with cam lobes