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It makes a very load whinnying noise when ever I turn it sounds like I am low or out of power steering fluid when it I perfectly full. I have a loud and proud 95 v8 mustang and this noise drowns out the engine.
.Occurs when cold. Almost like gurgle sound when the gas pedal is pressed.
I have a vacuum leak coming from the back of the intake but not from the pcv or were the hoses for the pcv connect to the back of upper intake manifold but almost as if it were coming closer to the bell housing bolts ...
not seat belt or head light chime sound seems to come from behind hvac controls
I rotated my tires and in a verticle patern and within a day I noticed severe front end suspension problems to be candid it feels like my front end is going to fall off.
I inserted my ignition key into my trunk and it broke off. There was only about a 1/2" left on the key. How do I get it out? Thanks, Gary
but sometimes I would have to wait a few, then it just stopped doing that and it was fine, now recently I have had my airbag, low oil, and low coolant lights randomly coming on when fluids are checked they are not low...
MY 95 GT has started an intermitent problem. It will start dropping charge once or twice reving it up fixed it. When it was showing a drain i pulled the batt term an car stalled.I thought alternator but had it checked...
I'm looking for the least expensive qualified shop/mechanic to replace the evaporator core in or near Indio, Ca. 92201
can anyone tell me where to get a good linkage cable mine is stretched out and needs replaced. I really don't want to use the dealer if I don't need to. Thanks
I a broken spring on front driver side of my car. There is a squeaking grinding type noise when i turn to the LEFT only. I just replaced the power steering pump the problem did not correct itself. Now I question if it...
engine shakes at all rpms, ignition coil is sloppy lose would this cause shaking
Car has 50,000 miles.Code is showing left front wheel sensor (33).Mechanic said he replaced part since it was his fault as he had to disconnect wires when he replaced radiator. ABS light still on. Pedal grinds once in...