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1994 Ford Mustang loses power when driving let up off the gas for a minute and mash down and start running good check the fuel pump wires and plugs distributor cap still losing power you have any idea
the wiring to an after market security system had been poorly installed by the previous owner so the wires started breaking and causing the alarm to go off and the car not to start i removed the security system and sp...
I replaced the Thermostat and it still overheats. Suggestions (I replaced the thermo. with a 195 degree one. Suggestions
will i gain anything with underdrives? its my daily driver but want some more response in throttle and some power
where can i get cheap performance parts for my 94 gt? keeping in mind i live in canada
ive changed the alternator and i still get no charge on the system just 12 volts, is there a fuse that would stop it from charging? where can i get a fuse block diagram? please help
Just got the car. three small wires to alt. look like they got hot. I disconnect battery and it dies. are there any fusable links or relays in the charging system?
If I need to replace the differential, how much can I expect to spend?
car started not cranking then i could move shifter back and fourth and then it would. Now it want do anything,and it has no power going to switch on side of transmission.
spray starting fluid and it starts what would cause this
Changing the spark plugs on the left is easy but what all has to be removed from the right side to get access to the plugs?