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When putting the convertible top down all three windows roll except for the small back window on passengers side can hear motor running but doesn't move at all…??
The car has 107,000 miles on it. I've had this issue for a while now. The ticking can clearly be heard with the windows down. The ticking seems to be a lot worse when the car is at operating temp. But sometimes when ...
my transmission shifts slow. trans works properly.thanks for your help.
Please supply source of answer. The 2005 Mustang service manual says it's a problem with the drivers side pretensioner. Is it the same for 2006????? Please tell me your source of knowledge.
When they put the Pump in it read fine . Know all of a sudden it only goes up to 3/4 full when the tank is full. Is this something that can be corrected by Ford with a computer?
I replaced the gas cap, cleared the code, however it returns after a few minutes. What else could it be?
The window has slid down a little bit. How can I fix this
The noise comes from my rear right side (tire maybe) I just put new tires on it 1 month ago(tire pressure sensor light still hasn't gone off)
You can hear the same noise when going around a turn at slow speeds.
if im driving n shift to neutral n let go off the clutch before it reaches belo 1000 RPM the car would rev up to 1500 RPM by itself even at shifting gears. other problem is it turns off while breaking with clutch
had to come to complete stop due to wreck on interstate and it was stop and go til was able to get back on, then the car got a little sluggish so I decided to pull over after I puller over, i turned off the car and re...