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Motor was just warmed up enough, redline it through the 3 gears, up until 4th,I heard clunky noise then tons of smoke came under the hood and exhaust. Engine oil totally leaked out, no mark on the dip stick. The smoke smells like burning clutch. Car can only start up for 3 seconds then dies out. A blown engine?

The needle on the fule guage of my wife's mustang has flipped around and now points to the opposite side of the full/empty bars.

When I start the car the needle moves backwards then forward. By moving backwards that becomes the new empty indication. After about ten starts when I turn they key off the needle is pointing straight down indicating empty when it moves forward it stops E indicating full. I replaced the stepper motor still the same results. The needle moves backwards two needle widths every start. Any ideas?

The needle no longer moves. Is this a single fuse or do I have to replace the entire instrument cluster?

On this model, the doors have no upper frame. Instead, the window glass automatically retracts a fraction upon opening the door, then slots itself in when you close the door. Sometimes my window sticks and does not raise itself that last half inch to slot into place. How can I fix this?

Debris clogs the firewall reservoir and causes water to back up and then pour out from under the dash inside the car.

It ran hot put coolant in it the next morning cracked it up an coolant started pouring out the tail pipe any suggestions

05 manual. Only 70k. Car dies after 20 min of driving. Rpms go wacko, so I know car will die. Wrench light comes on. Car will usually not start properly after.
Mechanic spent days, does not read code in car. Fuel lines cleaned, coincidently new clutch. Nothing. No check engine light. Just know that if I drive, to let car sit for an hour. Help!!!

I was driving my car today when all of a sudden i lost power, i lost power to the radio, the lights, my blinkers and everything. I then got an alert that the oil pressure was low, the parking break was on, the coolant level was low, and a cycle of other problems but the car did not loose any performance power it drove like normal. It would kick back on and i would get all the power back for a second and it would kick back off telling me all those errors again. I should also point out that it rained HARD the previous night and when i got into my car this morning to make a turn water came in under my glove box. Someone please help me... im stranded at work until i get an answer.
Thanks in advance

It started as belt squeal in cold weather - Applied belt dress, now just Chirps - one quick chirp. I did get the angry wrench and stall also - Harmonic pulley failure ?

battery was changed altenator tested said was good does several times while driving to work around 20 miles dont have to jumpstart since i bought a new battery but light still concerns me if i am draining the new battery


I have a 2005 Mustang (6-Cylinder). It has been very well taken care of and never had any issues, I am the first owner of this car and nobody else has driven it. A little background, I first started having a slight issue this year (not bad for a car almost ten years old) with the alternator and the gas/speedometer censors. After a LARGE bill to completely replace the instrument cluster and the alternator...everything was fine. I decided to go through with a minor upgrade and have an AUX jack installed so I could link my iPhone with my radio (this was about two weeks after the alternator/instrument cluster repair). $200 spent, nice new shiny AUX jack installed...all was well. I was driving the car home down the highway in the middle of the night about a week after the AUX jack was installed and suddenly my radio completely went dead in the car...then the headlights started dimming...I was on the worst part of the highway, no street lights and crazy I pulled off the nearest exit where the car finally died. I sat in the pitch black for a couple hours waiting on a tow truck to come get me (in the middle of nowhere in Northern California wilderness). As I was sitting there the hazard lights died to where there was absolutely no way of warning other motorists that I was there. Anyways, back to the point.

Now the Mustang has been sitting in my garage unable to get it started. We charge the battery over night and it will start but the same sequence of events happens if we drive it up the street.

My question is...what is it? Is it the battery..did they give us a bad alternator...was the AUX input jack installed incorrectly...who should I contact about this issue? I am a woman, so it helps to have a slight bit of knowledge going into these issues as I have had scare tactics used on me before. I just want whoever screwed my car up to fix what is wrong with it so I can drive it again as it is putting quite the damper on my work and school.

Thank you in advance for any advice you have!