right side door window just stopped working. are their separate fuses each side. what else could I look at

It does not happen all the time the the car has bee running warm its been on for a while and when the battery lite goes off the temperature gage wild go back to normal

I was told that my 04 Mustang 3.9 had a bad PS pump because it whines. I have no difficulty steering or turning as it turns both ways freely. I changed the PS fluid and it still whines. Any suggestions ? a belt maybe?

or how much should it cost to have it done?

The 4th sensor shows a speed approximately 20 miles faster. The sensor was changed and the problem remained. All tires are the same size, purchased as a set of 4. Any idea of what else could be causing this issue or where to start looking? thanks

What can i look for? Engine seems fine.

What can I do to fix this ?

It'll read any where from a quarter tank to full and runs out of gas at quarter tank

alot of play in steering wheel

2004 ford mustang convertable 2 dr

a 7.5 am fuse in line with the red w green strip wire will burn out, but a 15 am fuse will not. the harness and green with red strip wire to the brake switch harness starts to get hot with the brake switch engaged. is this a common prob. and what is the fix? is there a short in the shift actuator?

Is it integrated w/MAF sensor?

If so can it be replaced or do I need to replace MAF sensor?