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It'll read any where from a quarter tank to full and runs out of gas at quarter tank
a 7.5 am fuse in line with the red w green strip wire will burn out, but a 15 am fuse will not. the harness and green with red strip wire to the brake switch harness starts to get hot with the brake switch engaged. is...
Is it integrated w/MAF sensor?
If so can it be replaced or do I need to replace MAF sensor?
2004 mustang 3.9l engine hesitaion at top of pedal and when excelerating put injector cleaner in tank and changed gas filter. no codes thought might be clogged injector woul faulty crank sensor cause this problem
Took car to mechanic,said needed new thermastat and a good flushing.He did that,heat still not working.He said heater core was fine,which is what I thought it was.But mech. said good water flow thru core.Taking back i...
when removing the old rear brake pads they were very hard to remove and there were clips attached to the top and bottom of the old pads. when installing the new pads with the clips attached the pads would'nt fit,there...
Is the anything I can do i can do to improve the mpg.I might as well bought a V8.
I bought the car used and the CarFax report only showed certain services performed at 68800 miles.