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when I hit the brakes I can hear a weird grinding noise, but I also checked to see if you i can still hear the noise when the car it turned off and I hit the brakes,you sure can hear it. its coming from the the front ...
i already know the common noises a car makes when u need your brakes replaced and its none of those. but every time I hit the brakes I get a this weird noise, like the sound when you sit on a old bed with springs. it...
When idling car begins to overheat .
Trying to change the water pump but the bracket is bolted on thepower steering pump behind the pully
The car is easier to shift into gear when the engine is cold in the morning but is harder to shifter into gear in the afternoon on my way back home and most especially at higher RPM's.
We replaced the battery and the alternator, but the battery light still comes on, and after driving it for about a week the car loses charge and dies, but will start up just fine the next morning? Could this be a shor...
The sensor is an o2 sensor heater circut bank 1 sensor 2 (p0141) and it also had an RIM code popping up.
I know it,under the passenger dash but is it the long box mounted or one of the three modules ontop of this long box?And if I buy a used one does it have to be programmed to my car?
Bought a mustang...it doesnt have a dpfe on it...I bought one...but cannot find the wire connector that plugs into the dpfe
My car has had been of the road for a year, and when I got the car, the person who sold us the car gave us a new gas cap because the old one was gone. The gas cap isn't attached to the car, but is screwed in the car t...
It shutters more when it is warmed up or really hot out.