What do you think New motor ? And how much will it cost?

My horn is not working...fuses ok....can't find horn under hood????

drove it. Today motor is frozen. and found shaft broken on synchronizer. What happened?

Check engine diagnose found following DTC:P1285 cylinder head over temp condition (sensor). P1450 unable to bleed up fuel tank vacuum, P1299 cylinder head over temp protection active. Further test found cylinder head temp sensor reading up to 60 deg. Also found bad evaporate vent solenoid. Recommend replace cylinder head temp sensor and evaporate vent solenoid.

could it be a recal that I read about?

2002 convertiable with an optional radio disc player

Soon as I start engine there's vibration and continues while driving

as I read on the site. that the clutch plate can cause a knocking. I have a knocking problem specially when I go high RPM. usually I hear a little grinding sound if the engine work while the car stop. and when I press the clutch pedal the sound stop.is it possible that the fly weel or the clutch plate damage and causes the knock?

thank you for your help.

the car is running slightly rough not the smooth purr it use to have kind of like a bbb rough idle not to rough but notacable

Engine makes a ticking sound when its turn on as well as accelerating.

I want to do it myself.