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I've driven to Oxnard, Carp twice & Gavitoa / Lompoc turn off and back to SB to try and reset OBD on alternator, it's still not ready.
I have a 2005 Altima and I reeeaaallly want a Mustang. I can't drive a stick so it would have to be an automatic. I'm looking at the 2001-2005 body styles. Are they good? My fiance has had mustangs all his life and I ...
I recently bought a 2001 ford mustang from craigslist and it seems to have an engine knock, we have changed to oil and it seems to be even louder... We are starting to believe its the lifter valve but not sure..
I have replaced my alternator, battery, and alternator voltage regulator plug. I cleaned the connections to my starter as well. when I turn it to the on position the battery needle is in the red zone. I can still sta...
Flashing CAT and EVA what should I do next? What repair is necessary for my car to be ready?
Why does this stops my car from cranking when I turn my ignition switch on the car turns over but does not crank. How can I rectify this problem immediately
my '01 v6 is intermittently misfiring on number 3. I have replaced everything I can imagine that might cause that except the ignition coil pack and the cam sensors.......any help would be great!
The car will stop accelerating at about 35mph, although the rpms continue to climb. The check engine light is not on. The transmission fluid is fine.
once engine reaches operating temp. the code indicates that misfire nos. 5 cylinder. once engine cools down and cold again, will start and run fine until it reaches op temp again.
where do I locate the bands, after I drop the pan, what do I look for? under the filter, fluid, broken parts, Where would I locate ford Video on this trans, the 3.8 V-6?
I have a 2001 ford mustang,the car died while running and wouldn't start again so I hooked up the diagnostic and got P1237 I'm just not sure what to do to repair this, any help sure would be appreciated
when my engine Is cool I hear nothing but as soon as my motor starts warming up I hear a knocking on my motor and its everytime I'm pushing the gas pedal. I checked my spark plugs and one of my spark plugs keeps havi...
I got to work fine this morning but when i went out to lunch the car starts but will only stay running if the gas pedal is applied.
my mustang is having problems due to hoses. i've had this problem before, but i don't know which hoses are causing it. my rpm idles high for long when i start the car, and when it idles, it will sometimes squeak then ...