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I noticed yesterday that I heard a "different" noise and it sounded deep like a thunk, sometimes when taking a right turn or going over a speed bump. Like something heavy is disconnected.
I removed plug from cooling fan and placed meter on it and got a reading, so I believe I am getting power to motor. so I than touched two wires from battery to prongs on fan motor and got nothing. can I safely say ...
heat gauge goes all the way up fan electric fan doesn't go on . checked fuse under hood got continuity when touching both prongs. turn heat on after this and cool air blows .can I have athermostat prob and a fan prob ...
Ive noticed that just before it goes the odometer reading gets real bright then flickers and usually happens while driving but doesn't happen right away?
switches are good goes down fine. But wont go up right away. have to keep pushing switch on either door until it finally goes up. it happens each time it goes down
What could be the problem the Check engine light is on and the over drive button flashes but if I turn it off it drives fine the rpms are just a bit higher between. 2 and 3. What are possible things wrong with it.
i unlocked the steering wheel and went to turn the tires to get a better grip on this pesky bolt when every thing froze the steering wheel the key wont move move it just froze what do i do help
can i replace just that or do i need the whole calaper and how do i do that
heater strts to blow cold air after it seems to reach operating temp. turn off heat and turn back on a few times and blows hot again . is this car equipped with a heater control valve and would that be the problem tha...
car cranks but will not start
lite she idles so low it seems lt gonna shut off sometimes i shift to netural, what could b the problem plugs and wires were chsnged also fuei filter,is there some sort of idlling switch i should change