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then heater blow warm air then the air turns cold then it warms up again.
After locking the doors w/remote to set alarm with in 30 sec to a min the alarm goes off
I took my mustang into a local shop with the agreement of $1200 total for a motor swap and installation. Two months later the guy tells me he's got it running, which is good, but its now gonna cost $2000 due to a fuel...
My check engine light has been on for a couple of months now but car runs OK, however, lately I have noticed that the temperature guage goes up to about the half way point when I am sitting in traffic & not moving. W...
front brakes and rotors and calipers.
starter stays engauged on flywheel for 1 second after starting car
is there a fuse that operates button for gas door or do i replace the switch if thats the problem
replaced the light bulbs and fuse but brake lights are still not working...what else could I do to check before having to take into a shop. Low on funds and need to repair myself.
I had recently had my car repaired for a blown coolant hose. After, my car was working better than ever. However, about 2 months ago, I stopped getting cool air. The heat (as far as I can tell with the summer temperat...
power seat on drivers side has stop working with the seat all the way forward.when i bump the switch i can feel the motor on. what do i need to do to fix seat?
my drivers side window and drivers side door speaker do not work.i took out the door wiring harness and found one wire broke ,so now my passenger window works fine.but my drivers side will not work and the speaker wil...
I have no air coming out of my vents.my air condition gets cold,my heat gets hot and only blows out the air through the window defroster.any ideals what controls the airflow ? from defrost to or from the vents ?
i have a automatic 97 mustang that does not start in park.it does start when put in neutral.the shifter is hard to move through the gears also.when i turn off car i leave in neutral and apply parking brake.then wait a...
why my brake rotor is rusting in the inside surface? both sides.only lasted 1 year ,and this is the second time.