The check engine light is on and at idle the tachometer fluctuates between 650-1100 RPM. I went to an AutoZone and they got an "error" reading when they went to check the codes...

temp guage goes up while car is still, at red light etc., and goes down to normal when moving. wiring hookup at the fan motor itself has a lot of play in it

My dipstick needs to be resealed into my engine. And my car shakes really bad when I'm idle and when I put little pressure on the gas. My car squeaks when I turn a lot but it'll will like do it for a while then it won't do it at all for a while. And I also have a flomaster i want put on my car

And if the oil pump was going out wld it cause the car to die due to inaccurate oil pressure ?

not enough pedal

it runs but need to change it do not think it has ever been looked at

fuel pump might be out, but want to check fuses and filters

does anyone know were the vacume line goe's from the evac system, but theres 2 hoes's that run off the evac pump an one that runs around the fron by the rad. I was wondering were that hoe's might possibly go?

i smelled rubber burning while driving even though i set emergency brake in off position. is that common. should i have left the brake engaged

Doesn't hold straight line