I have had this issue for a few thousand miles, and it came out of nowhere. Are there any known fixes for this? It only happens between 2nd and third, and it does not get better as the car warms up. Any help would be appreciated.

The timing is off and I need to know how to get it back in time.

Ford dealership told me that I had a leak in my right rear shock absorber. I am considering trying to replace this myself but not sure if it is a DIY type repair. If it is, what would the appropriate steps be?

I drive a 2013 Ford Fusion SE 1.6L FWD AT.

Every single time I put any amount of gas into my car it will not start or stay running without me pressing the gas pedal. This happens every time, any quantity of gas, any time of day in all types of weather.

The middle seat belt is stuck and it won't let the seat back up

Where is the purge valve / fuel canister located ???

The passenger door latch issue seems to be a common theme with 2013 Ford Fusions. I experienced the same issue today, and am riding around with my car door taped shut because the Ford dealership estimates that the cost to repair the door latch issue will be around $400.

Harsh shifting occurs upon moderate braking,usually when going down hill but sometimes when braking coincides with rolling into a pothole. By harsh I mean a slamming deceleration occurs in which I have concerns for retaining control of the vehicle. My biggest concern is if this should happen in wet, or winding or icy road conditions when my wife is driving the vehicle. We have already had a transmission replaced as well as communication modules.

Passenger door wont close

My car was purchased brand new (2013). I've had nothing but problems since. Of course I'm over the warranty with 70,000 miles on it. The latest is my 'check charging system' alert came on and the repair man says I need an alternator and have a major electrical shortage within the car. The radio turns on by itself. The windows go up and down by themselves. The car is horrible and I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy. Is this normal to have to make hundreds of dollars in repairs within 2 years?

While driving on the freeway, the brakes became very stiff, had to use both feet to stop. I have had no other issues with the brakes until now.