Passenger is not used very often. Is this a possible recall type issue?

Sounds to me like its in the passenger side.

2 people worked on transmission. I purchased the car brand new from Ford dealership.

It happened 2 timea within 2 day period. Does the colder weather affect this?

The heat and a/c do not come on. Blower works, can't switch zones or adjust temperature.

And I have taken it to two different shops and they put their little machine on it. And no codes come up

What is the estimated cost. I'm hearing over $900.00 at the dealer. What other options do I have

This should be another recall
Brake pedal goes to floor
My mechanic says ABS computer out and actuator. Total parts $2,200
Labor ?? Im not fixing it. Total lemon

Heat is affected..sometimes we have it, it won't adjust and the different airflow buttons don't work. The fan speed works fine. Also the button that changes the light color by the cup holder and radio doesn't work.

front brake pads and rotors are good back brake pads and rotors are bad after 25,000 miles. Looks like I'm not the only one complaining about the same thing.

vibrates when I take my foot off the brake it goes away?

the battery went dead some wires at starter were damaged by rodents

Ok my brakes were grinding so much i messed up my right rear rotor n also messed up my caliper..so i changed the rear brakes the rear right rotor n caliper..i also messed up n had to change master cylinder n brake booster n my car still has no brakes..

i was told it could

kind of a click - click -click at highway speeds

will run fine for a while and then all of a sudden starts doing this. Can stop and restart and will go a little ways and do it again repeatedly.

Car temperature gauge goes up when parked, and has overheated multiple times, what hould i check?

Car doesnt stall but takes longer than 5 seconds to turn on

Key accidentally locked sytem and now volume wont go up a certain limit

My 17 year old daughters car shust down while shes driving and she almost got hit.Ford says there are no open recalls but it should be this is very dangerous

I have had this issue for a few thousand miles, and it came out of nowhere. Are there any known fixes for this? It only happens between 2nd and third, and it does not get better as the car warms up. Any help would be appreciated.

It as the last one when looking at it and only one to have oil on ok

Found 3 Broken steering gear bolts broken? What would cause them to break?

The timing is off and I need to know how to get it back in time.

I put my charger on and it works, but the car lights or anything doesn't come on

Ford dealership told me that I had a leak in my right rear shock absorber. I am considering trying to replace this myself but not sure if it is a DIY type repair. If it is, what would the appropriate steps be?

I drive a 2013 Ford Fusion SE 1.6L FWD AT.

The Engine codes were O2 sensor upstream and low voltage fuel. I replaced the upstream sensor and I replaced the fuel sensor relay still the same problem only now it gets worse with the heat. I replaced the fuel pump assembly and still having problems. vehicle will either not start at all or start then shut off after about 15 seconds. HELP

My mileage has dropped from about 29 mpg to now 24 mpg. Only 107000 miles. Any idea what needs to be done?

I'm not hearing the blend door switch. Not sure if it's the actuators or if the door is ran by computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Air conditioning starts out normal, then we hear a click and it becomes hot air, heater air. Had freon replaced, it is not that. Occurs about 90% of the time now