2012 Ford Fusion Questions

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My entire radio panel is dead and nothing works, however, fuses all appear fine. The unusual thing is "FORD FUSION" is illuminated on radio display. I can't make anything work. What can I do?

The heat and a/c do not come on. Blower works, can't switch zones or adjust temperature.

Heat is affected..sometimes we have it, it won't adjust and the different airflow buttons don't work. The fan speed works fine. Also the button that changes the light color by the cup holder and radio doesn't work.

Car temperature gauge goes up when parked, and has overheated multiple times, what hould i check?

Car doesnt stall but takes longer than 5 seconds to turn on

Key accidentally locked sytem and now volume wont go up a certain limit

I put my charger on and it works, but the car lights or anything doesn't come on

My mileage has dropped from about 29 mpg to now 24 mpg. Only 107000 miles. Any idea what needs to be done?

I'm not hearing the blend door switch. Not sure if it's the actuators or if the door is ran by computer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

ya.worked one day,next time it popped when trying to use it, a nd now its moving the lever only, and inside lock lever doesn<t seem to work right either, help have to reach outside to open door

The wrench symbol comes on when we drive at a high speed and long distance but goes off when we drive at lower speeds and the mechanic can get no codes to read on the code reader.

Evry time i turn on the fan this ( water fall like noise) starts whats the problem??

My car's power steering has gone out but I can't find my letter for the recall. What do I do?

While accelerating, at the point I'm expecting a shift, it seems to start shifting but it takes a second or two to actually complete the shift. That's what I mean by "slow to shift". The engine continues to rev and I feel like it's not good for the engine.
I notice it most going from 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd gear. After the car has been driven for about 5-10 min. it accelerates much easier, without the lag or delay in shifting.
I don't notice it being a problem while slowing down.
Do I need a new transmission? Or a repair? or to flush the system and see if that helps?
Any advice? Please help, Thanks