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Yes i asked you about the 2011 ford fusion 4 clyinder cold ussing the 6 speed automatic shifting problem first few times taking off it slips like into 2nd the service manager told me let it warm up he does his then it...
we got 2011 for fusion sel 4 clyinder 6 speed automatic its not all wheel drive but has all ther options when its cold start if you get in it and drive it and not warm it up it will shift into 2nd like rpms go way u...
Even without hitting potholes, curb etc. Cannot afford to keep replacing.....any solutions???
Do the caliburs need to be replaced or can they be loosed up.
The light came on when I had a brake light changed
Dealer replaced battery, fuel filler neck and now says purge valve repairs needed
I went through some water which came over my hood a d now I have no power steering and it has a warning saying power steering default assist what is the problem?
Does not seem to work. Is there a way to check it.
it has happen twice already. any other day it run's fine
alarm went off said service accutrac can I reset this
how to remove VCT solenoid does valve cover need to be removed
how to remove VCT solenoid does valve cover need to be removed
The car drives and gears seem fine. Placed the car in park as normal and the key will not release from the ignition. This is the second time this has happened. The first time, it just finally released after driving it...