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The car has a manual transmission bucks terribly in first and second gears (regardless of how it is driven). We brought it to an auto repair place and they said there was nothing mechanically wrong with the car, it pr...
This is an issue with this make/model car and is costing your loyal customers lots of money. Please explain.
on the driver side back wheel starting making noises, smelling and was smoking when I got my vehicle back to my drive way. Can't drive it. What should I do? Thanks.
Clicking noise when turning ignition key. Did not turn over. Anti theft light in dash flashed then stopped. Faint clicking noise persisted even after key removal. Interior lights still came on. Now no power to anythin...
stays in one place all time. any recalls on this? cost of repairing or replacing?
engine revs high sometimes when shifting.no problems after initial start-up and run a little bit
shifting problem occurs not often,but is aproblem i want repair. will local shop be able to diagnose this tranny and repair.
I've had the strut replaced three times at Dobbs? What part failing could be causing this?
owned car 44 months had to replace battery today and the mechanic tells me the alternator is shot...seems pretty soon for THAT to happen.. is there a recall on this...please advise. Thank you
replace canister light came back on replace fill pipe again light came back on there is no gas cap
It has a car and a lock on the picture, How do I get it to stop blinking.