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The problem occurs when i accelerate fast and it's also making a constant squeaking noise from the front passenger side.

the battery went dead some wires at starter were damaged by rodents

Ok my brakes were grinding so much i messed up my right rear rotor n also messed up my i changed the rear brakes the rear right rotor n caliper..i also messed up n had to change master cylinder n brake booster n my car still has no brakes..

i was told it could

kind of a click - click -click at highway speeds

will run fine for a while and then all of a sudden starts doing this. Can stop and restart and will go a little ways and do it again repeatedly.

It as the last one when looking at it and only one to have oil on ok

2010 Ford fusion s . Brake master cylinder was leaking I removed it and found that the main gasket had given out. I bought a brand new master cylinder and bled the system I still have no brake pressure . What could be wrong. There are no visible leaks.

I've checked the fuse it's fine, unplugged the battery that didn't work, and exchanged with another new bulb. It works when turning and braking but does not light up at night.

The LR abs cable is damaged and needs replacing. I can't
follow the cable after it enters the car body.

Only a couple of lines are working

and for the last 2months when i gas up it does not start right up.????

Whjile my 2010 fision was under warranty I complained about lack of a?c and no rear defrost. Ford garage said it was working when checked; said only intermeittenly. Fast forward 2 years,I finally have a/c after1500.00. Replaced entire rear window because terminals were melted. 2 mechanics stated it was getting too much voltage. Why and how to correct? New window rear defroster worked for about 9mo. Terminals again are melted. Was told too much voltage was problem with a/c also. How can I afford to replace rear window every year? Totally ridiculous. Also, these costs should have not been my problem, since they started while car was under warranty. I discourage everyone from buying a Ford proiduct. Also, replaced tires rated for 45,000 mi. at under 25,00mi. ; new battery, headlight and taillight. Still have a hazy front headlamp cover that lets in moisture which is probably reason for lights to keep blowing. Can't list all minor probs which were aa early warning...