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Changed out the hardware and pin boots adding lubrication. Drive side is almost like it has continuous pressure. I have always changed my own brakes, never have seen this...
For auto door locks, speedometer works and "Check Engine" light comes on.when speeds of around 60 mph are reached, eng seems to stall and jerks. Speed sensor has been replaced.
replaced the brakes and rotors and hardware about 3,000 miles ago and they are already wore out metal to metal.
when trying to start with remote car does not start horn blows ,when i get in car must put key in turn on then off ,then can start car with key
Also trunk lid goes up hard and it can fall fast. The hydraulic lifts don't work
Also around what will this cost to repair if no recall. The engine light just came on this evening upon starting the car.
Have driven Fords for 40 years and never replaced wheel bearings! Most of them over 100k miles. Anyone else having this problem?
Last year I reported my seat being loose, It is on the passenger side manual recline with side air bag, no electronics. It doesn't lock into place, I can move it into position but there is "play" it still moves about ...
Bought car last month from trade centre, taken back and they tell me there are no issues with the car. Zetec engines sometimes are noisey ? Ford Fusion Zetec 1.4 petrol. Is this common or am I worrying about nothing?
what causes this problem are there two sets of dampers for left and right side and how do you fix
trunk lifts not working, are there any recalls on them
After a long trip, the Ford emblem--the "grille badge," I believe it is called, is badly damaged. Most of the blue is gone, as if rocks damaged it. Can I replace just the badge? Does it stick on by itself? Can I d...