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The airbag light comes on and off intermintintly and some times low tire pressure when they are not low.
i have brought it back to the dealership several times, and the technician keeps telling me nothing is wrong after test driving it for a few miles.
SEL model AWD. Any ideas on what could cause this? I've read other places online that suggest the bearing could be on backwards? Does that make sense?
My 2008 Ford Fusion has problems with the brakes temporarily going out. Several times I have turned my wheels to the right making a sharp turn and I hear a noise in the left front wheel and the brakes go to the floor....
The brake pedal goes to the floor
I had the bolt replced 3 times, my mechanic put a grade 8 bolt the last time and it broke again.
I am mechanically inclined. I actually am a Ford credentialed technician but I have been out of the bizz for a while so what kinda tools would i need/bench tests etc.?
The transmission is sometimes in what seems like a default mode and shifts 1-3 only using those 2 gears than sometimes doesnt shift outta high gear or just slips out of gear. I tried the re-learn process as it almost ...
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