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key gets stuck but when i pull the ignition fuse it releases the key
after turning the car off and restarting the light was off and hasn't come back on since.
my light is out on my radio
I replaced the right rear blinker bulb and socket. The light works now, but the blinker is not. I don't know what else it could be.
auto zone says the air injection system fault, probable causes are aa1 circuit relay defective or fuse open, aa2 check connector and wiring, aa3 air pump defective or hoses blocked.The P0491 said The Secondary air inj...
I have an 07' Fusion with 109,000 have 6 payments left and the car died on me yesterday in morning rush hour traffic!! I also had the bucking at picking up speeds now no car! It is going to cost me out of pocket $4700...
however, motor can be heard running. when ac is shut off and restarted might or might not cool
Noise ricochet's off of walls, other cars, etc. Constant, almost like it's wheezing.
My 2007 Ford Fusion has a diagnostic code of P0128 which comes back as needing the low coolant or that the thermostat is bad. The coolant isn't low though.
I have antifreeze on top of spark plugs. Is it the head gasket? Its on cyl 1 2 &3, butnot 4. Please advise.
location cabin air filter
What are the steps to remove and replace oem fog light inserts, not lamps. I want to install chrome ones.