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Just happened

My passenger side airbag is peeling away from the dash and I'm wondering if it can be safely glued back together?

Radio light also went out. Mechanic thinks its a sensor problem and I need to take to dealer.

My key goes all the way in everything works fine its my wheel thats locked and key wont turn

the mechanic said it has no spark,can someone help.

mechanic tested it and it has no spark. he said can someone help me with this problem.

My check engine light came on last month for a day. I started the car the next day and the check engine light was no longer on. It turned back on yesterday and has been on since. Today while I was driving on the highway, I was accelerating and the car began to shake. I let my foot off the gas and the shaking stopped. Check engine light's still on... Any ideas? Don't know if this is relevant, but the transmission was replaced at 130,000 with one that had 27,000 miles. And last time I got an oil change, they said my tranny was slightly leaking fluid.

Car was in for a new timing chain. Something happened that damaged the engine. Stopped by to check on car status to find garage dropping a replacement engine in my car. Was never notified this was happening. Should I be accepting this new engine? Should I have it inspected by a third party to make sure it's o.k.? I have no idea what my rights are in this situation. Know this isn't a repair question but if you've got any advice I would appreciate it.

Also on turns was told bearing or strut also motor mount any solutions

When I came to a stop, the engine started to make a rattling noise. Then, the engine light started to blink. I shut the engine off and did the diag from the dash board and the system tells me the oil is low. Perhaps, I need to add oil but could there be additional problems?

When I stop, even with no other cars around me, I have a rich smell of exhaust in the cabin of the car. I don't smell it when driving down the road, but only when I stop. Could there be a leaky exhaust seal? Thoughts? Help?