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Ok so i thought if your turn signal was blinking fast that a bulb was out but when i checked both front and back blinkers were working just blinking fast then when i turn on my headlights the arrow on the dash when yo...
Altogether it has 21 fault codes ranging from seat belts to etc?
replaced plug and cleaned Maf sensor checked air filter no black assume PCV is ok. Runs fine except at Idle. still sputters. Same codes and O2 and misfire 3rd cylinder. What else.
my son just installed the shifter cables and now it seems not grabbing any gears at all. How can he adjust the cables? he's been trying almost everything and nothing seems to work. what is he missing?
I think that the issue is to do with the transmission
Ford Service Bulletin said to reprogram PCM for this year, model and this was done at dealer, but no improvement to long crank time. No error codes. Crank duration improves (1-4 seconds) when: 1) car has been running...
Daughter hit a bump in the road killing the rear 02. to be safe I replaced both. Can't get rid of these codes used factory parts
how do i change it and where is it
were is the windshield washer motor on a 2004 focus svt
wondering if the svt focus can use regular or medim grade fuel?
How long does it take to replace the throttle body on my 04 Focus Svt? Also could you tell me what tools are needed and estimate on how long it should take?
Where is the fuel relay switch located