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I hit a pipe on the road and it shot up and hit underneath the driver side. My coolant is leaking like crazy but it also looks like oil is on a hose. what could be my problem?
brakes were bad lot of trouble getting drums off replaced with new drum bearing assemblies and nut one side has gone bad twice now wheel has firm shake no slop just noise tires are new
Car will start for few seconds than shuts off, where should o start?
Needs to pass inspection but engine light stays on and they tell me its the sensor'but'which one I hear there are 4
not sure if i need just the belt but try to figure what i can expect to pay
something burns my coil up after about 60 miles and was told it was the computer.
When my car is in park, there is a on again off again Rattling/rumbling noise that seems to be coming from the car. It runs great other then in park. When this noise starts. Could anyone help me get an idea of what it...
My AC needs to be charged because it only blows warm air.
i had my wheel bearing changed and my car is still making that loud airplane noise what could that be
The wheel starts to shake when i accelerate to certain speeds or pump the brakes
I di try to reset the tpms light after switching winter to seasonal tires but thet steps where you turn switch On/press hazard lights 6 times until horns, didn't work. It never horn, never saw the indicator " tire pre...
Not sure if to purchase..seems like many issues with Ford Focus in engine, trunk opening in transit, gearshift recalls, changing clock time etc
Is it common in this year for the front springs to be broken with low mileage, 51,000 mi. Springs have been broken from when I first found out in 2009? Also do not drive hard and rough only normal driving.
When i went to go crank my car it would not turn over no matter what i did. Finally after being fed up with this lengthy problem going on for about five to six months i took it to a mechanic only for them to get it cr...
I only need it on the left which the spring is broken & top of strut is shot. I was told by you need to replace both sides to have them in balance. This site including labor suggests approx $500.00 yet three places......
Have installed 4 different brands of fuel pumps in the last 3 weeks trying to find one that doesn't spray gas out of the port the fuel line plugs into. We've double checked the port, line, gaskets, lock piece, but not...
the shops could not get a reading on the OBD so I could no get my car Inspected what could be the problem there is no bad codes no engine light on Its a 2001 ford focus
I'm on fuel pump number 4, I've also installed a new fuel pressure regulator,new spark plugs,new plug wire set,new ignition coil. It's hard to start and idles rough with a strong smell of fuel coming from the exhaust....
to start.I also replaced plugs, wires and ign. coil.Rough idle and fuel smell at tail pipe. Check engine light goes on and off... I'm out of ideas.Anything you can think of?
Everything worked well for a week after replacing the battery and the alternator.
I am not sure of which service exactly I am in need of. My car is a 2000 Ford Focus SE DOHC. Battery light would go on then off. Last time it was driven battery light stayed on. Then started to smell like eggs-opened...