2003 Ford Focus SVT Questions

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It won't start right back I've put a crank and cam sensor Hard to start misses in the little time that it does run

I changed the T-Bar and reconnected the hoses. I refilled the anti freeze reservoir. Now it looks empty again. What is going on?

Please see above

It occurs when i am in 1st and 2nd gear most of the time soometimes 3rd gear too. I tried everything from checking the catalytic converter to O2 sensors to a gas filter and an air filter. it mainly sputts or hesitates in those gears around 3500 rpms untill u jump on the pedal (not literally) and it finally catches and speeds up normally.. What do u think it may be?

what could be causing this problem only happens when at a stop never happend until my head gaskets got changed

where is the pcv valve located

was there a recall on the clucth and flywheel

Speed (Cruise) Control suddenly stopped working. What is the most likely cause? How to repair?

Well, the intake makes a rattleing sound I bought a new one it sounds like a WRX but still has trottle problems. It bogs down and as soon as it hits 3000RPMs it rattles still I need help its giving me a damn headache. and Chiltons manuals all exclude the SVT.