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The frost warning light comes on all the time despite what the weather is doing, and there is no warning sound
My temperature gauge is running higher than normal. The heat and air works fine. When I accelerate it doesn't shift gears. My car is automatic. What is the problem and how can I fix it?
When I get up to about 60 or 65, my car and the steering wheel start to shake pretty bad. What are your thoughts on this? And how can I fix it?
It feels like it's going to stall. Started about 3 weeks ago. Car is not driven much maybe 1-2x a week for 3-15 mi each trip. I took it in for repairs but the problem is still there and even worse. None of the war...
I replaced the thermostat, no other fuse issues and no check engine light... the fan does start and run so the fan is not sieged... please help!
the cable release has come of and we can not open the bonet
through speakers when radio is on. any ideas?
I hear it when I drive between 20 to 30 mph mostly when the pavement is not smooth. What could it be.
How does it happen, when does it happen and how to prevent it.
Deffects on low oil level in deisel engines and deffects on overfilling?
For awhile it would work on high and several times turining the car off and then back on got it going. But it has quit completely with not even circulate outside air.