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Car will start for few seconds than shuts off, where should o start?
It did not fix the car,they put a new computer n it still didn't fix,engine light still stays on they dont know what to try next,i lost!
the pump has been replaced. when the car is started the pump groans and the fluid level drops out of sight in the tank. when the car is turned off the fluid level returns in the tank foamed and overflowing, could ther...
My cd player always worked, then husband used car.... wouldn't play cd's so a cleaner disc was pushed in. Now it won't eject the cd, keeps saying Load Error. Radio works fine but I love my cd's!!
checked selector knob and cables ok. removed sector mechanism and still could not adjust manually. door mechanism jammed inside duct work.
If I put the heat on high it barely blows anything. On the lower speeds it does not blow at all.
The hood of the 2007 Ford Focus? It stays loud and constant from the time car is started til it is shut off.
Hp low, reading only change a little when comp clutch kicks in