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I have minimal front end damage (knicks on the bumper, the ford emblem fell off, bend at top right hand side of hood) from a solo accident. The hood still shuts and locks but it comes up an inch or two if I go over 50...
I have a 05 focus sometimes when I put it in park it revs up
When the weather is damp, when I leave for work sometimes my brakes squeel when I am stopping at a light. When I break quickly then drive and push the brake again it doesn't squeel. I have been told it has been 4 yea...
Engine temperature is irrelevant, the heater will not blow warm air unless the car is in motion. A friend suggested this morning that it could possibly be a failure of the heater core. And today the outside ambient ...
I cant get my gear shift outta park was told its the safty switch and would like to know how to replace this myself thanks for all your input again guys!
how hard is replace a motor mount
The passenger side rear door lock is stuck in the unlock position. We cannot automatically or manually lock the door. All of the other locks are fine. Can this be fixed at home
The backup lights on my ford focus do not work. The bulbs have been checked as has the fuse. Using a voltage tester there is no power to the light socket.
car is a bright blue- would like it to be a different color.
Why does when the ac is on my right floor board gets wet
what causes this and how do i get the car out of limp mode
Trying to remove both rear brake drum and cant get it off
My car is about to hit 60,000, which I hear is often a big and pricey maintenance mileage. I wish to cut down on costs and to do as much of the repairs myself. Problem is, I've never done any type of work on my car my...
My car has been making a creaking noise that sounds like it is coming from the front axle for about a year, but has progressively gotten worse when I turn, go around curves, or go over bumps at a low speed. The sound ...