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i had my wheel bearing changed and my car is still making that loud airplane noise what could that be
All fuses and wiring have been checked. The little window that shows the milage doesn't work either. everything else works.
My car's downstream Oxygen Sensor is going bad frequently. A mechanic has recommended that I reprogram the car's computer. I just wanted to find out - Is it even reasonable to think that reprogramming the computer wo...
replaced oxygen sensor by radiator, battery, coil pack, checked plugs/wires. carb cleaner in gas tank. an air sensor$100.00 by air filter (size of a ps2 memory card). The car runs like its rich in gas like in the olde...
140k/ engine lite on. engine hot has stink. runs ruff then cuts out when hot. diagauge says not enuf air to engine. eng.cuts out on hwy complete sensor replaced, tuned up, hoses replaced, leads replaced, brakes ok, n...
The rattling is very loud when idling and it isn't as bad when I accelerate. It stops when I shut the fan off completely. Also smell a burning smell like something spilled
Was stuck in traffic and when I was able to go again the car did not want to pick up speed. When I had to stop again the car stalled and would not start.
I have a charged battery in but my car wont start or jump by another vehicle
My car's Check Engine Light came on a year ago, and the local repair shop replaced the downstream oxygen sensor. That lasted for 3-4 weeks, and the Check Engine Light came back on with same error code again. Since the...
started to get hot stopped for more coolant and now car won't turn over tries to start but it doesn't.
Will shift out of park if gear shift button is depressed with screwdriver. Have not driven car since this occurred. Approx. two months.
Changing the oil in my car just want to get oil level correct