pass the smog test but not the visual how can i fix this?

I replaced my battery it tries to start but wont engage

What should I change now? Tourque or Gearbox or both of them? Thank you

The fluid is fine, however, ive also been dealt an issue with leaking antifreeze...a lil confused about the transmission though...its a 2004 Ford Focus

My car check engine light keeps flashing when i drive and it smells burn i was told that there is water in my oil. What can i do to fix my car?

The only thing I didn't check is voltage to solinoid

i had my wheel bearing changed and my car is still making that loud airplane noise what could that be

How do I fix or what could the main problem be ?

All fuses and wiring have been checked. The little window that shows the milage doesn't work either. everything else works.

My car's downstream Oxygen Sensor is going bad frequently. A mechanic has recommended that I reprogram the car's computer. I just wanted to find out
- Is it even reasonable to think that reprogramming the computer would solve the problem ?
- How much would you estimate the price will be for reprogramming this ford's computer?


replaced oxygen sensor by radiator, battery, coil pack, checked plugs/wires. carb cleaner in gas tank. an air sensor$100.00 by air filter (size of a ps2 memory card). The car runs like its rich in gas like in the older cars-we use to have before computer shit came out. It also can drive up to 25mph by itself the rpm goes really high then instantly kick down and stall out. hope that helps.also if car doesnt stall right away it chugs mult. times then stalls out. sometimes can smell gas but not usually. I never had this problem until an idiot worked on my brakes and said the dealership gave me a car w/out e brakes and they were hanging there so he cut them off. brakes lights are on in dash. he did this last year though, i dont think its connected but thought I'd throw it in. I dont know where to look for those wires. If there are any other oxygen sensors? or is there a control sensor for air intake idle pressure? i dont know.. I'm 52 female, and bought a lemon, but made ford fix it, so I thought...lol..pl help. I dont know the codes but if I find out i'll let you know.

140k/ engine lite on. engine hot has stink. runs ruff then cuts out when hot. diagauge says not enuf air to engine. eng.cuts out on hwy
complete sensor replaced, tuned up, hoses replaced, leads replaced, brakes ok, no oil leak, exhaust clean, battery good,