What is a intake manifold runner control used for

It was in an accident,wont start now ,it was minor damage to hood and bumper,found fuel cut off switch and reset it ,it has a code that says keep alive voltage to low ,what could this be?

The car wont start ,the fuel pump doesnt come on when i turn on ignition but if i use starting fluid it will start and keep running ,could this maybe be the crank sensor?

I am trying to find out if it will be fine to take the car on a 3 hour drive this weekend without the heat shield on.

Car was running rough , then quit . unable to start . Ran a scan codes P1000 and B1318 came up . Took battery to store , had 0ne bad cell . Replaced still won't start . Check engine light , battery light remain on when key is in position II . In addition fuse 18 was blown , replaced , did not blow after replaced

Water pipe cracked sprayed antifreeze on top of motor, fixed that. After driving for a day, found antifreeze around top of spark plugs. Dried that, replaced plugs and wires. Now I get codes p0301, p0316, and engine light is on. Any suggestions or knowledgeable help? I am aware of code meanings.

i recently had alternator replaced a few months ago. but now when i press the gas the car feels like it idles too high which it never has before, and also the battery gets drained so i have to keep jumping it to start it up. while driving the battery will drain and the engine turns off.

car stalls when i be doing almost 30 ... starts rate back up. and stalls again when i start going

When i went to go crank my car it would not turn over no matter what i did. Finally after being fed up with this lengthy problem going on for about five to six months i took it to a mechanic only for them to get it cranked and told me it wasn't all the way in park. Anything i can do to prevent this from happening again?

I have a peugoet 307 hdi , not a ford couldn't fond peugoet in listing ,, I bought the car and after a few days , the car stalled and came up with warning oil pressure low , the oil level indicator inside was fine , but low on the dipstick , I've topped the oil up but the car still won't start (( it's trying to )) ? Don't want to keep trying it any ideas ?

When the eject button is pressed it starts making a clicking sound but won't eject the cd.