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something burns my coil up after about 60 miles and was told it was the computer.
My AC needs to be charged because it only blows warm air.
Is it common in this year for the front springs to be broken with low mileage, 51,000 mi. Springs have been broken from when I first found out in 2009? Also do not drive hard and rough only normal driving.
I only need it on the left which the spring is broken & top of strut is shot. I was told by you need to replace both sides to have them in balance. This site including labor suggests approx $500.00 yet three places......
Everything worked well for a week after replacing the battery and the alternator.
Ok so I have the Ford ZX3 Hatchback. Its a 2.0 Ztech twin cam engine. I thought I dropped my clutch as It had sounded like it had been slipping before it slowly just wouldn't move fast without accelerating more then I...
Before the intake install the top speed reached was 135 and after i installed an air intake it will not go past 110mph. Help??
Changed the Tranny filter, added new fluid. Engine revs between 2nd & 3rd, back of gas pedal and then 3rd engages. Shifts normaly from 1st to 2nd and 3rd to 4th. Is it a Solenoid problem if so which one. If not wh...
My heater / defroster have only been working lately with the switch set on HI ( 4 ) But now it won't work on any settings.
it keeps showing up on reader then my gas gauge went to empty and gas light stuck on and i put gas in it.
the alarm system is stock it has a blue light that flashes constantly .It goes crazy when you try and start it!!