Run fine catalyst converter cloged lost power cleaned out now idle low and what sounds like vacume leak just cant find

The car has been running fine. went to start the car and the key will not turn, the steering wheel is LOCKED and won't unlock.

My ac isn't blowing cold air how can I check to see if my clutch is engaging

Electrical Gremlins...t.lites bulbs burn out...h.lights & dash lites flicker...completely DEAD at times on starting...heard may be cluster circuit board needs clean? ALSO diodes alternator? COSTS? Thanks

When the exterior temp is below 70 degrees my fuel pump won't come.

Hits hard on bumps, sounds like wheels are going to fall off.

I called Pep Boys and said they did not know if it was a rubber hanger or needed to welded and they don't do welding. I don't want to drive it in case it causes more damage.