I notice when I start my car it make noise, shakes and vibrate. It is sound scare as it shakes as well. I was thinking it the engine mount and the transmission mount but not sure what the problem is. I need help

My trunk will not open with the key Can I get in the trunk thru the back seat

This happens most of the time but i notice it going about 40 mph + Could it be my fuel pump going out? Thanks in advance for your feedback

There is not a visible location to add fluid back into the manual transmission clutch.

I got gas and then went to start the car and it would not start

Injectors flooding cylinder # 2 and # 3
Have changed Injectors but still same problem.
Also Battery light on dash had (alternator) tested and its ok.
New plugs/wirescore//head gasket/intake gasket
Car starts! but soon floods #2 and #3 with to much fuel....

Overheating put residtor with wires still no juice from box to coolant fan

Car when you get a certain speed it acts like it want to cut off. Like its not getting enough gas flow or air flow to engine.